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Video Wall-Flat Panel Applications: Part# EZ-VW

A superior mounting design simplifies installation and makes it easy to access to the display during maintenance. Each display is designed with fine-tuning plumb adjustment to ensure seamless screen installation. Features include a wall mount, floor to ceiling structures, curvature and more.



Articulated Design: This design allows the monitor to have 21” of clearance. In addition, the monitor could be rotated to allow more room for maintenance.

amd articulating mount sectionamd articulating mountamd articulating mount closed

Scissors Design: This design allows the monitor to come forward.

     amd video wall scissor mount 02       amd video wall scissor mount dimensions    amd video wall scissor mount

Hinged door type Design: When you need to access the monitors very often, this design allows 100% access to the back of the display. It also allows access to multiple displays at the same time.

amd swing door mount

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