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Rear & Front Projection screen systems:

We offer Front projection and rear projection screens with the following features:

Rear Projections system

  • Projector and mirror mounts on freestanding structure
    • Six-axis projector housing
    • Extruded aluminum or steel framing
    • Single or double mirror system
    • Video wall applications with diffusion or Optical screens
    • 94% reflective first surface mirror

Rear projection Screens

  • Diffusion & Optical options
  • Single Rigid acrylic screen
  • Glass with different thicknesses available
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Hard coating
  • Surface write-on (optional)
  • Low Gain & High Gain available -High contrast -3D

Front Projection screens:

  • Diffusion & Optical Options
  • Single Element acrylic screens
  • 3D front Projection screen
  • Rollable material-size: 100” x any length
    • This advanced option allows installations in places where installation access is not available. Material rolls like a cylinder and fits through any standard door size.

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